from by von Zachinsky

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longboats rolling on the waves
bearing guests from overseas
mist on our faces
- the cold spray
of salt and algae
in our hair

eager eyes watch for land
and laughing fish cross our way
back at them we laugh with a smile
of teeth as white as theirs

seaweeds gather round our oars
serpents speed along the boards
but someone’s felt the smell of land
adjust the course and paddle on

other worlds await us there
new fruit and tree, new kinds of game
we’ll plant the banner on the shore
go forward into the dark wood

then a maelstrom in our way
sucked the ship in its awesome pull
no time to think, just hold our course
as waters rise in a funnel above

faster, as long as we can hold
all the strained ropes, and keep our course
and before Hades swallows our minds
with bodies thrown in as giveaways

in this world, everything flows
to one last terrible Charybdis
that is where all our journeys end
and thoughts are stilled in icy water

this time, again, we got away
the whirlwind finally lost its grip
to friendlier winds and warmer climes
the sun shone on us as land came out
of the mist


from Vagabondages, released April 30, 2017




von Zachinsky Kraków, Poland


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